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A dream destination wedding is the stuff dreams are made of. Perfect for the couple who loves to be on the go!


Your Groomsman or Bridesmaids will have the time of there life on this group trip. Go on one last adventure before you tie the knot!


What better way to celebrate your birthday with a fabulous relaxing birthday celebration. This birthday trip will be one to remember!


What a great way to reunite with your fellow classmates than a luxurious group trip. Get to know your classmates all over again with this group trip!


A branded getaway for you  and your supporters. It would provide and opportunity for fans from all over to meet you and enjoy a fully All-Inclusive experience together that creates lifetime bonds.


Nothing is better than raising funds for a good cause. Why not make a group trip out of it? Raise funds at a beautiful destination.


I have been blessed to have many opportunities to be able to travel the world throughout my life. As a young boy, my late father took to many places through the US and to Canada. We went to many places with his company conventions, always took a summer trip, and sometimes went somewhere for spring break as well. As I grew into a teenager, I was fortunate to attend a high school that took us on a different trips at the end of every school year. I also was involved with the YMCA that took us on a different college tour every year. As I grew into an adult I continued to travel, and eventually got my passport to explore the rest of the world.

The best part of my life is the amazing adventures and unforgettable memories that I have created during my travel experiences. As a travel agent I would like to help you and others also have remarkable world travel experiences and check off your bucket lists. 

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Book an independent tour to learn more about your chosen destination. Explore the destination, Learn the culture, and have a ball while doing so!

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Traveling can be so unpredictable why not ensure that the unexpected is taken care of by purchasing travel insurance.

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An organization where we donate to people in poverty around the world when and where we travel.

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